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Why Choose Us?

Kodesh Fresh all original products are designed by Hebrews for the humble Hebrew in mind who wishes to glorify The Most High all while remaining fashionably fresh in the latest of apparel designs, custom accessories and custom products. The word Kodesh (qodesh/קֹדֶשׁ) in Hebrew means a sacred place or thing. Kodesh Fresh provides products that instantly set you apart all while glorifying the Most High יְהֹוָה and his chosen children. All the products and apparel promote glory to the Most and not on the specific individual with the Fresh Apparel and products. When you support Kodesh Fresh you are not supporting an ordinary company you are supporting a movement to bring all praise and glory to the Most High יְהֹוָה.


Zaire Yah Ben Israel

I want to put out this "FORMAL Appreciation" to Isiah King and "Kodesh Fresh Clothing Line." I have recently purchased a few of their T Shirts.

I LOVE that They have My Size and WILL DO Their ACCOMMODATE My/Your Requests.


IF you have not looked @ Kodesh Fresh...You MIGHT BE MISSING OUT!!!

And NO...I GET NO PERKS for doing this. I just wanted to "LIFT UP" One of Our "Black-Operated Businesses..." that I CAN SPEAK about.

THANK You...Kodesh Fresh...for Your "QUALITY Business." Peace and Blessings.__________________________________________________________________________________

Ahla Yah reviewed Kodesh Fresh5 star

November 28 at 6:36am ·

This is what we've been waiting for!!!!!It's Here!!!

Ahla Yah
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